Punganur Cattle

Punganur Cow


The Punganur dwarf cow, which originated in Chitoor District, Andhra Pradesh, India, is considered one of the world's smallest cows. The Punganur breed's milk has a high fat content and is rich in medicinal properties. While cow milk normally has a fat content of 3 to 3.5 per cent, the Punganur breed's milk contains 8 per cent.[1] The Punganur is found in Chittoor district situated in the south-eastern tip of the Deccan Plateau with an average rainfall of 700 mm. It is the worlds shortest, humped cattle. Animals are white and light grey in colour with a broad forehead and short horns. Its average height is 70-90 cms and its weight is 115-200 kg. The cow is an amazingly efficient milker with an average milk yield of 3-5 L/day on a daily feed intake of 5 kg. It is also highly drought resistant, and able to survive exclusively on dry fodder.
Some of the breed characteristics are:
  • Back sloping downwards from front to hind quarters.
  • Tail touching the ground.
  • Slight mobile horns, almost flat along the back and normally at different heights from each other.
The Punganur is on the verge of extinction, with some 60 odd animals remaining. This decline is mainly due to the Indian Government's somewhat short-sighted objective of 'bettering' Indian cattle breeds with an influx of Holstein-Friesian and Jersey cattle traits from developed countries, and banning the rearing of native bull breeds. The remaining Punganur cattle are being reared mainly on the Government Livestock Farm, Palamaner, Chittoor district, while a small informal group of private breeders are also working on reviving the species.
It is not officially recognised as a breed since there are only a few animals remaining.


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