Majestic Kangayam cattle captivate visitors at exhibition

The competition attractedover 350 categories

Majesticity of hundreds of Kangayam bulls and cows was all pervasive on the AET School grounds near Thindal all through Sunday.

A carnival like atmosphere was created by enthusiastic farmers who turned up in droves with their well-grown and groomed cattle.

While it was a matter of immense pride for the farmers to own the sturdy cattle, they were, in fact, contributing to biodiversity, since the number was fast diminishing in the country, as the statistics provided by the rearers indicate.

According to K.S.J. Karthikeya, Managing Trustee, Senaapathy Kangayam Cattle Research Foundation, the number of the particular breed, deemed the mightiest in physical strength and stamina, has come down from 11.7 lakh in 1990 to just about one-tenth the number now.
Jointly organised by the Foundation and the Kangayam Cattle Breeding Society, the exhibition- cum-competition under three categories attracted over 350 entries.

The first-three prize-winners were entitled to Rs. 10,000, Rs. 7,000 and Rs. 5,000 respectively.
There were 547 telephonic enquiries; the response for the event conducted in Erode district for the first time has been phenomenal, the organisers said.

The utility of the Kangayam breed for nature farming due to soil-nourishing properties of its dung was highlighted, through pamphlets distributed by the organisers.
The pamphlet explained how a cow would suffice to plough a 30-acre field, and bring about substantial savings on labour for the cultivators.


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