Vechur, Kasaragod Dwarf tolerant to heat stress

The two species endowed with protective genes, finds study

Vechur cow and Kasaragod Dwarf, two popular native cattle breeds noted for their disease resistance and low maintenance, have been proved to possess thermometer genes for heat tolerance, making them ideal candidates for selective breeding.

A team of researchers from the Animal Husbandry Department (AHD) and Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (KVASU) have come up with the finding that the two species are endowed with the protective genes that make them tolerant to heat stress.

The finding is significant in the light of the imminent threat posed by global warming and climate change to livestock production in Kerala.

Presenting a research paper on the work at the National Biodiversity Congress here last week, Muhammed E.M, District Epidemiologist, Animal Disease Control Project, Kalpetta, said the findings would be useful in the selection of heat-tolerant breeds among tropical animals and using stress-tolerance genes for selective breeding of livestock capable of withstanding global warming and climate change.

He said the AHD and KVASU had tied up with the University of Western Australia for further research on the topic.

Efficacy of the urine
Another research work presented at the congress has validated the efficacy of the urine of Vechur cow in the treatment of immune disorders associated with several diseases and cancer therapy.

The research team led by Naseema K.T., Veterinary Surgeon, Chakkittapara, Kozhikode, compared the therapeutic activity of Vechur cow urine with that of crossbred cows using Swiss albino mice with artificially suppressed immune systems.

The tests proved that the body weight, spleen and liver weight, total leukocyte count, lymphocyte distribution, serum total protein, and globulin levels were significantly higher in the mice treated with the distillate of Vechur cow urine.

According to the paper, the administration of Vechur cow urine proved to be significantly better in enhancing the immune response in the laboratory animals.

“The finding establishes the therapeutic effect of Vechur cow urine in the treatment of immunosuppression during chemotherapy and its potential for protective use in immune mediated disorders,” it says.;postID=1173050669647127233


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